Photo Friday

Great Image!!


I really like this image and the title the photographer gave it. It just fits.

I would envision a conversation between these two going something like this:

After a long pause, young girl touches the glass, the manatee raises and “arm” slightly  in response. The girl smiles.



“What’s your name?”

There is a pause

“Name? Let me think on that a moment.”

Another pause

“Let’s go with Mika.”

“I’m Mary.”

Another pause

“Are you a girl or a boy?”

“I’m a girl.”

With a big smile, “Me too!”

Girl hears her name in the distance. She looks around to see where it’s coming from.

“I gotta go. My mommy wants me.”

Mary touches the glass.

“Bye, bye!”

Mika lifts an arm.


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Growing out of a Free Site – Domain Name

Your free site has been up for a while, but now you are wondering, how do I take the next step.  Usually the free sites have an “upgrade” option however they are generally more expensive than handling your own hosting solution.  You are also locked into their proprietary system. Leaving you subject to extra costs if you want a more disk space, bandwidth, even some templates.  Lets go over a few things you will need to start your own website that will yours to do with as you please.

Domain Name:,,; these are all Domain names.  The .com portion is called a Top Level Domain or TDL. There are many TDL’s .com, .net, .org, .tv, .us, .co, the list goes on.  So if you wanted “Mybestsite” it could be “, or, etc.”  You can purchase your own domain from a company called a Registrars.  Everyone seems to know  They are the largest one out there.  However there are many others out there.  .Com prices vary greatly.  Some companies sell for $50 or $29/year.  But the going rate is around $12/year.  Of course these prices are subject to change depending on market conditions.  The other TDL’s rates vary as well.  I have supplied a list of Top Level Domains that are available for private citizens:


Many are country specific.  So perhaps you are an artist who wants more exposure in the UK and Europe.  You may want to invest in a or .eu domain.

Do your research on the Top Level Domain you are thinking of investing in.  Find a company that you find their rates reasonable and are reliable .  Also remember, the lowest price may not mean the best service for you.  I’ve had to find that out the hard way.  One firm I’ve worked with that offers domains and hosting that I find reliable and straight forward is IMHO.

Also keep in mind is that a good hosting company will give an option of a free domain with the purchase of a hosting account.
My next post we will talk about Hosting.

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I need a website. How do I get one?

How do I start a website?

This question is asked millions of times a day by everyone around the planet.  Whether you have a business, want a blog, or just want an email, you will need to understand how to navigate the array of services available to you online.
There are many options that range from “Free” to incredibly expensive. Keep in mind free is in quotes for a reason that we will examine further.

Nothing is Really Free

FREE Hosting/Blogging:

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard this saying. “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”  That is true for all sites on the internet.  Google gives you “Free” Search but there are ads everywhere on the page.

iTunes is “Free” but now you are enticed to buy from Apples music/video store.   The same goes for “Free” website makers. – Offers free blogs, easy user interface, your own subdomain (  The free blog only offers a limited amount of pages and traffic.  They also put ads on the side of your blog so they can make revenue to cover the costs of your “free” blog.  You will also have an “Upgrade To Pro” visible when you log in. Generally the prices you pay for PRO or for a domain is well above what you would pay at other sites. – Offers you the same “Free” things that wordpress does.  Free blog, limited number of pages, limited bandwidth etc. Only to try and up sell you on the back end.

These are good places to start if you just want to see what it would be like to start a site on your own.  Maybe get used to logging into the backend to a system that isn’t Facebook or Google.

But if you own a business, want to create your own brand, or just be taking serious when it comes to your online presence. You will need to look for a hosting company you can use for all phases of your online presence.  Something like  or a few others.

I will go into those options in my next post.

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